Processing of an application

Projects under $100,000

An application for funding of less than $100,000 may be made at any time until the program closes on March 31, 2021.

To apply, proponents must submit the form online, as well as the mandatory documents.

Following the submission of the form (simplified or exhaustive) and the mandatory documents, the applications will be reviewed for eligibility. If deemed eligible, the files will be processed. Processing and receipt of a response will take a maximum of two (2) months. If the answer is positive, a funding agreement will be sent to the proponents, including the funding conditions and disbursement schedule.

Projects over $100,000

Funding in excess of the maximum amounts stipulated in the previous table (See table) or the cumulative maximum of $100,000 may be granted on an exceptional basis in the case of projects that are multi-sectorial and/or multi-territorial in nature or have the potential for national adaptation and outreach.

In these cases, project proponents must submit:

  • the simplified application form,
  • a letter of intent,
  • a proposal for a financial package.

Following submission, the project will be subject to preliminary validation within three weeks. If there is a positive response, the proponents will be notified and will file their project in the normal analysis process.



The second call for proposals :
Deadline for submission: May 27, 2020